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we're up and running ladies and gents!

Posted on 2009.03.10 at 01:12
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Tell your friends, send em a link and most importantly JOIN JOIN JOIN!! a7x_secrets and daily_syn are now up and running, fully ready to be whored out w/ awesome posts, pics and graphics! If your a fan of the guys, a7x or you pledge alliance to the deathbat then get over there and become part of our slightly dysfunctional family! =] we promise it'll be a good time for everyone!!

Gabby [Gates] <3



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Posted on 2009.03.03 at 00:40
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For anyone, who like me, is a Synyster Gates enthusiast I just created this community. Please please join and bare with me while me and my co-mod get it off the ground =]


Gabby [Gates] <3

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Writer's Block: Desert Island Time

Posted on 2009.03.02 at 12:52
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Thrashin Ass Tone: : All The Above- T Pain
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You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
Jeez umm...

The Breakfast Club, Twilight, Wanted, The Notebook, All The Harry Potters...
I really do watch too many movies for my own good. But I cant even go away for a week without my A7X dvd's lol- those boys are too much =]

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new comm

Posted on 2009.03.02 at 02:27
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hey hey!

New comm for anyone whose an Avenged Sevenfold fan!


join pls or pass it on to anyone you know who is a fan of these boys =]

-Gabby [Gates] <3

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Writer's Block: Coast Range

Posted on 2008.12.11 at 14:38
Current Location: City of almost Evil, NJ
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Thrashin Ass Tone: : Geek In The Pink- Jason Mraz
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By the Ocean no doubt =]

Im a Jersey Girl-I belong by the water! <3

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Posted on 2008.12.09 at 20:40
Current Location: City of almost Evil, NJ
Im Feeling: : stressedstressed
Thrashin Ass Tone: : all my heroe's are weirdos-!!!

finals absolutely suck-end of story.
Im holding myself hostage in the library cause i know its the only place I'll get anything done. Obviously Im slacking for posting this but oh well. I could really use a good jackson rathbone/jasper hale fanfic right about now-that would be so great you have no idea! lol.

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Writer's Block: Physical Education

Posted on 2008.12.03 at 00:40
Current Location: City of almost Evil, NJ
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Thrashin Ass Tone: : Live you Life- Rihanna
Call it gym, P.E., recess, or pure hell, most people have participated in a class at school that focused on games and athletics. What sport or game did you hate the most when you were a kid? What sport or game was your favorite?
ultimate frisbee lol. i was absolutely terrible but i really liked it lol.

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Posted on 2008.12.02 at 15:59
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Thrashin Ass Tone: : Everybody's Changing- Keane

So I think it's been something like...well over 5 years since I've even used a livejournal. I think I had one back in junior high-Im in college now lol. Makes me feel kinda old I think. Who knows lol. So yea-Im officially stressed. The end of the semester can't come soon enough, I need a break in the worst way. The shower in my room decided it wasn't going to spray water this morning-so I couldnt shower till close to noon. That was just annoying. My two papers and oral presentation are trying to kick my ass-this should be fun. Tomorrow is my roommates birthday- Gabby2 is gonna be 20. It's gonna be the ultimate shit show. We haven't done that in quite a while. Just everyone together for a good drink. Im afraid to have Vinny&&Jon in the room tho-they like to draw all over everything. Boys. I think the apple smirnoff is probably out to get me. I've had bad experiences with flavored Vodka. Peach Stoli kicked my ass good and hard. Ouch.

So....I think I need to see Twilight again. I think third times a charm, dont you? I cant seem to get enough of Jackson Rathbone's portrayal of Jasper Hale- even if he only has something like two lines. I think the facial expressions he used play a big role in who Jasper Hale really is. He did a great job. Actually-everyone who was in the film was fantastic. I couldnt get over how well they chose the actors to play the characters. It was like watching them step out of the pages of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Enough rambling for one day. Back to my homework. I have a degree to earn here lol.

Ciao <3